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In the USA resignation of the director of CIA George Teneta

demand. At once two applicants for fast of the US president from Democratic party have demanded on Wednesday of resignation of the director of CIA George Teneta. The senator from Connecticut Joseph Liberman and the former governor of Vermont Howard Din have declared that the present head of CIA should combine the powers in connection with scandal round the unchecked reconnaissance information which has served as a substantiation to start war against Iraq.

> speech, first of all, goes ABT a mention the president George Bush in the message " ABT country position " ostensibly taking place attempts of Bagdad to get uranium " in one of the African countries ". As it is found out now, this information offered by CIA to the White house 4 inclusion in speech of the head of administration, was obtained Lengli from rather unreliable sources, including the Internet - sites.

The Snare has already incurred responsibility for use in the argument of the president of an unchecked military information though employees of National Security council took part in drawing up of the reference of Bush, State department and White House administration 2.

" the director of CIA should leave, CUZ on it now dump a part of fault for an event " - has declared Dynes in interview to agency Assoshiejted the Press. The former governor of Vermont who from the very beginning opposed military operation in Iraq, is convinced that the administration wants to make from the Snare " a whipping boy " to distract ATTN from own role in a substantiation of necessity of the beginning of operations.

unlike the Dyne, Liberman was one of the most ardent supporters of the power decision " the Iraq question " among democrats. However and he now believes that the White house used the information of CIA on the African uranium, meaningly having shut eyes to its obvious unauthenticity.

" if it is an error the Snare, he is obliged to retire, - Liberman on pre-election meeting in Connecticut has told. - but also Bush it is necessary to involve that, proving necessity of the military action in the answer, it has misled the public ".