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Storm front in the south of Germany and Switzerland

the storm front Extending from France has fallen on the night of Thursday upon the south of Germany and Switzerland.

according to the First German TV channel ARD, the elements behave violently over numbers of areas of Bavaria and Baden - Vjurttemberga. Storm flaws break the trees which have got to roofs of houses of a lightning became the reason of several fires. In particular, has completely burnt down the private house in Augsburg. Streams of rain water have deluged here tens cellars, underground tunnels and garages.

the CTR of the German weather service in Leipzig declared on Thursday storm warning 4 regions Vernigerode, Kvedlinburg and Zangerhauzen in the earth Saxony - Anhalt. Here loss B4 25 - 30 litres of deposits on kv area metre is predicted.

on human victims in territory of Germany it is not informed.

in Switzerland during a thunder-storm was lost 38 - the summer woman whom has pressed down the turned over automobile carriage - the trailer. The tragedy has occurred in a camping at small town Jona in canton Sankt - Gallen.

It is informed that in this area the tumbled down trees have crushed tens settlements of cars parked in streets, from many houses roofs are broken. The majority of HWY are partitioned off by the fallen trees.

in the city of Sheneberg near Zurich the tree tumbled down by hurricane has wounded at once three children. The twelve years girl has RCVed heavy damages, the local police has informed.

in the Central Switzerland thunder-storms are accompanied by intensive loss of very large hailstones - " in size with a ball 4 game in a golf " has informed television of Germany.

the German meteorologists notice 2 that from - for standing some days of a heat the water level in Rhine has fallen B4 the lowest mark for last 27 years. The similar situation develops on Elba and Oder.

so, at boundary W Poland the cities of Frankfurt an der Oders the water level makes 1 metre and less. Last time such low level of Oder here was registered in 1950.

the federal union rechnikov Germany informs that from - for decrease in a water level on the verge of a stop there is a navigation in headwaters of Elba.