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the Position of Lebanon in relation to a situation in Iraq

the President of Lebanon Emil Lahud has called " a Near-Eastern quartet " and its member Russia to deduce peaceful settlement process in the Near East from deadlock in which it has appeared from - for nonflexible, as he said, positions of Israel.

the president of Lebanon has declared it on Wednesday, accepting the Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs Igor Ivanov who has arrived to Beirut within the limits of a trip on a number of the countries of the Near East.

Lahud has called " a Near-Eastern quartet " and head of the Russian diplomacy to achieve performance of decisions of the international community. It, in its opinion, - a unique way 2 an establishment of the strong, fair and universal world in region.

Lahud informed the Russian minister on support and participation of Lebanon in efforts on stability restoration in the Near East on the basis of principles of the Madrid conference, decisions of the international community and the Arabian peace initiative.

The Lebanese president named positions of Russia and the European Union concerning the parties involved in the conflict, balanced and frank. It allows them to play the leading part in the efforts directed on convincing the Israeli management of necessity of performance of resolutions of UNSF.

the president has CFMed again with a position of Lebanon concerning the plan " a road map " also has noticed that Lebanon " respects will of the Palestinian people in a choice of the future ". At the same time, has underlined Lahud, " Lebanon acts resolutely against any agreement deprived of Palestinians of the right to homecoming and, accordingly, conducted 2 naturalisation of the Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and other countries of the Near East ". It, Lahud is convinced, ministers to the purposes of Israel, but does not contribute in restoration of peace on the basis of a principle " the earth in exchange for the world ".

The Lebanese president has CFMed that throughout several MTH in the south of Lebanon safety conditions and stability are saved. As he said, parts of the Lebanese army are deployed in the south of Lebanon and the problems together with other forces providing security of the Lebanese citizens in this area carry out.

Concerning a question on a disposition of the Lebanese army along a line of contact with Israel, Lahud has told that it is possible only after the termination of a state of war between two countries. It, he has noted, will occur after restoration of the universal and fair world in region.

Lahud 2 informed the Russian minister on a position of the country concerning a situation in Iraq. He has CFMed with the right of the Iraq people to election of the lawful representatives under home nursing of the United Nations which can provide to citizens of Iraq a necessary political climate and security 4 expression of the choice.

The Lebanese president has conveyed through head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation thanks to Vladimir Putin and Russia for traditional support of Lebanon on international scene and for the efforts directed on restoration of peace in the Near East.