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Firing between armies of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and South Korea

the Armed incident has occurred on Thursday in the demilitarised zone/ DMZ/ between the South and the North of Korea. On the MSG which have arrived from Seoul, between military men of two parties there was a firing, however ABT victims of MSG did not arrive.

As the representative of armed forces of Republic Korea has declared in South Korean capital, fire has been opened from the automatic weapon approximately in 06. 10 mornings/ 01. 10 Moscow time/ in the central part DMZ.

Under the existing instruction South Korean military men in the admonitory purposes have made 17 reciprocal shots from M rifles - 60.

After that through loudspeakers the warning that all responsibility for incident lies to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea has been passed on. South Korean military men named happened provocation and have demanded apologies.

On it firing has stopped. Armies of South Korea have been resulted in a status of the raised readiness, however any special actions from the North has not been undertaken. According to the representative of armed forces of Republic Korea while it is not known, a leah there were shots from North side " deliberate provocation ".

As reported by Renhap, South Korean military men believe that shooting from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea was conducted from the automatic weapon in calibre of 14,5 mm which is forbidden in DMZ under the agreement on the armistice which has put an end to the Korean war 1950 - 1953

the Demilitarized zone - a strip in width of 4 km - crosses the Korean peninsula lengthways 38 - j parallels. Last time firing in this buffer zone has occurred on November, 27th, 2001.