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 destruction of the journalist in Iran: investigation proceeds

the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Iran Kamal Harrazi in the taken place conversation by TEL has assured the colleague from Canada Bill Grehema that causes of death of the Canadian journalist of the Iranian origin will be cleared up in the near future.

as have informed on Thursday " News " in a press - service of the Iranian foreign policy department, Harrazi has CFMed that " the president of Islamic Republic Mohammad Khatami creates committee into which have entered have entered a number of ministers, and in the near future the happened will be comprehensively investigated ".

Head Iranian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has noticed that " it is necessary to wait, while true causes of death of Zahry Kazemi will be definitively defined ".

From its part Grehem has expressed hope that, in view of the request of relatives of Kazemi living in Canada, results of investigation will be declared immediately.

54 - h the summer Zahra Kazemi which had the Iranian and Canadian citizenship, has died last Friday under obscure circumstances in one of capital hospitals where it delivered from the Teheran prison " Evin ".

the Employee of the Canadian edition " the Chamber a press " and the non-staff press photographer of the Montreal magazine " Rekto Verso " has been detained while it carried out shootings of prison during student`s stirrings in Teheran in the first days of July. On the detention of Kazemi has had time to inform the relatives who have RCVed subsequently unexpected news ABT her death from hospital.

mother of the journalist was converted W the message 2 the Iranian president who has allowed the order to make special investigation of circumstances of  destruction of Kazemi. Other letter has been directed to embassy of Canada in Teheran.

On Wednesday the vice-president of Iran on legal questions Mohammad Ali Abtahi has declared that according to the report of medical experts the Canadian journalist of the Iranian origin of Zahra Kazemi has died of a hemorrhage in a brain as a result of a beating.

now the special committee on investigation of causes of death of Kazemi is engaged in finding-out of detailed circumstances happened and, in particular, time and a place where the journalist has been beaten.

the structure of the special commission on investigation of causes of death of Kazemi included the minister of culture and Islamic orientation, the minister of the information, the Minister of Justice and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Iran.