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In Russia than 471 forest fire rages more - the Ministries of Emergency Measures

In territory of Russia rage 471 forest fire, have informed on Thursday " News " in Management of the information of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation referring to reports from the regional CTRs of the ministry.

according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, the total area of fires exceeds 156 tys hectare, however the most part of the territory captured by fire/ 151 tys hectare/ it is necessary on 93 burnout.

in suppression of fires are involved 6 tys 340 persons, more than 1 tys units of land technics and 43 aircrafts, have informed in management.

most of all fires in the Irkutsk region - 83, 11 from them large. In the Chita region - 57 fires, 24 of which concern the large. In Republic Buryatiya 77 fires are fixed.