Rus News Journal

Israelites have arrested on the West Bank of Jordan seven more Palestinians

Proceeding arrests call serious discontent from Palestinians, ESP a management of the radical organisations which have declared some time ago ABT an armistice, that is declared so-called " hudnu ". They underline that if there has come an armistice Israel, on the contrary, should release all Palestinian prisoners whom radicals call " prisoners of war ".

Israelites in turn specify that simply have no right to let out from prisons of terrorists. Clearing, the Israeli authorities underline, under no circumstances will not RCV " insurgents, on whose hands blood of Jews ".

Intense there are conditions and in Gaza Strip. So, yesternight around the block of the Jewish settlements Gush - Katif there has passed long enough firing between the Israeli military men and Palestinians. Israelites specify that the group of Palestinians once again attacked their army positions near settlement. On Gush - Katifu, according to the certificate of israelites, at night 2 has been let out minometnyj a shell.

in area Rafijaha in Gaza the Israeli army patrol has found out the powerful explosive which weight is equal approximately to fifty kgs. The device is neutralised.