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In the Far East 140 forest fires

In territory of the Far East of Russia on Friday blaze 141 forest fire blazes.

as have informed " News " in department of the state control of the ministry of natural resources on Far East federal district, the area passed by fire for days, on region has made 2 tys 557 hectares.

the most difficult fire-dangerous conditions, have told in department, has developed in Sovetskogavansky and Ulchsky areas of Khabarovsk territory. Inaccessibility of these areas, a strong wind and high temperature/ B4 36 degrees/ strongly complicate WRK on fire suppression. 2 the intense situation W forest fires is saved on Kamchatka and in the Magadan area.

in Khabarovsk territory, according to department, on Friday 43 forest fires, on Kamchatka - 24, in Yakutia - 25, in the Magadan area - 15, in Primorski Territory - 17, on Sakhalin - 16 and one in Chukchi autonomous region rage.

On fire suppression on district 214 units of land technics work 1 tys 400 persons, 42 helicopter and the plane.

all from the beginning of the fire-dangerous period, have noted in department, in territory of Far East federal district has arisen 2 tys 956 forest fires. The total area passed by fire, has made 687 tys 600 hectares.