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On the Kutuzovsky prospectus movement towards area

In the CTR of Moscow on the Kutuzovsky prospectus at the house number 36 as a result of car kindling " is blocked; Peugeot - 405 " movement towards area is completely blocked.

as have informed the correspondent " News " the employees of traffic police who are on a scene, nearby 8. 15 Moscow time moving under the prospectus towards area the car has unexpectedly lighted up. All attempts to extinguish its available means for a place have appeared ineffectual. On a scene there has arrived calculation in number of one fire-engine to which managed to extinguish already almost completely burnt down car. Now the car try to tow off on a roadside, employees UGPS clear driving part of parts of the burnt down car. As a result of incident nobody has suffered, have informed in traffic police. In the near future movement under the Kutuzovsky prospectus towards the CTR will be restored.