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UOMZ has concluded the first contract on MAX - 2003

Ural optiko - the mechanical factory/ UOMZ/ has concluded the first contract on an air show MAX - 2003.

As have informed " News " on Friday in a press - CTR FGUP ON " Ural optiko - mechanical factory " the contract is signed W the large Malaysian company on service optiko - electronic devices 4 planes the Instant - 29.

According to the experts, Malaysia is the third after India and China the perspective country in the field of export of arms.

on present air show UOMZ for the first time acts as the independent subject military - technical cooperation. The Ural factory became the first of manufacturers of equipment of the second level of the complete set, acquired this right. Earlier possibility independently to export production manufacturers of planes and helicopters possessed only.

Already in the first day of WRK of an air show representatives UOMZ have carried on successful negotiations W military attaches of Egypt, Sudan, Poland, Peru.