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Poisk Mi - 8: in one of the rivers the oil stain

Rescuers is revealed consider premature to SPK about detection of a place of helicopter crash of Mi - 8 on Kamchatka.

the head of department on affairs GO and CHS the Kamchatka area Nikolay Timoshenko has CFMed " News " that in one of the rivers around search of the gone helicopter the oil stain is revealed.

" however confidence that it can be a place of helicopter crash, no, there is a WRK " - he has underlined.

Timoshenko has specified that the stain is revealed on the river Lake.

to the place of stain detection the helicopter with rescuers has taken off.

helicopter Mi - 8 on which board there were employees of administration of the Sakhalin region, including governor Igor Farkhutdinov, was gone on August, 20th.