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In Ukraine the bill of political reform

Oppositional Communistic and Socialist parties and Presidential Administration of Ukraine prepares prepare compromise vant the bill on political reform. Leaders of the Ukrainian communists have informed on it on Thursday Peter Simonenko and socialists Alexander Moroz to journalists.

according to a Frost, alternative vant the bill prepares because neither parliamentary, nor the presidential project can not collect necessary quantity of votes by consideration in the Supreme Rada/ parliament/ Ukraine.

one of key innovations of the new project is the idea to grant right People`s Deputies to choose the president of the country, the Frost has told.

Besides, in the preparing project the new status of Audit Chamber, a role of regulations of the Supreme Rada, an order of purpose of premieres - the minister, the general public prosecutor are defined.

During party consultations have agreed that offers of the president on elections to all authorities in one year are not considered, and also ABT granting to the head of the state of the right to appoint a number of ministers.

the leader of socialists has noticed that in the new bill many positions parliamentary vanta the law on political reform are considered.

" basically, all innovations coincide with our program positions, and also W the memorandum signed " the four "/ four opposition forces - Communistic and Socialist parties, Victor Yushchenko`s blocks " Ours of Ukraine " and Yulia Timoshenko/, therefore as a whole we are ready to support these offers " - Alexander Moroz has told.

according to leaders of opposition parties, elections of the president by People`s Deputies become possible after 2006 when the country parliament will be selected on a proportional basis.

In turn Simonenko has noticed that members of Communist party support elections of the president on present legislative base in 2004 for two years so that in 2006 the parliament generated on a proportional basis has selected the new head of the state.

questions on duration of powers of the new president/ two years B4 2006 or five years according to the present Constitution/, and also terms of modification of the Constitution of the country the Frost named " debatable " and demanding " public discussion ".

" It is a question of business of extreme importance, here there can not be preferences one B4 others, unofficial arrangements - it is a question of interests of the state for many years FWD " - the leader of socialists has noted.

to carry out political reform the president of Ukraine has declared necessity on March, 5th, 2003. Transition of Ukraine 2 parlamentsko - presidential model of government should become its end result.

on June, 20th the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma has passed in bill parliament " ABT modification of the Constitution of Ukraine " which provides transfer to parliament the right of premieres - the minister, the most part of structure of the government. At the same time, the president suggests to expand its rights on Supreme Rada dissolution, and also elections of deputies in advice of all levels and heads of the state to spend time in five years.

projects of the president and parliament have considerable differences. In particular, deputies suggest to give them the right to accept and expound laws, to appoint and dismiss the prime minister - the minister, and also members of the government. 2 deputies support preservation of a present term of appointment of structures of advice of all levels and the president.

On July, 14th the Constitutional Court of Ukraine/ KSU/ has RCVed 4 both considerations vanta the bill on political reform. In KSU have informed that, as a rule, 4 decision removal in similar questions half a year is taken away.