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the Air Forces of Indonesia prepare for reception of fighters " the Sou "

the Air Forces of Indonesia prepare for reception on Tuesday of two fighters of the Sou - 30 Russian manufactures.

as the capital newspaper " has informed on Monday; Djakarta fast " referring to the representative of the Indonesian Air Forces kommodora Saguma Tambuna, fighters will be delivered by Russian military - transport plane An - 124 " Ruslan " on base of the Air Forces of Indonesia Isvahjudi in Madiun in East Java.

It is expected that general Endrtono Sutarto and the commander of the Air Forces of Indonesia will take part in MTG ceremony the marshal of aircraft of Chappi Hakim the commander of armed forces of Indonesia.

Four planes of the Sou - 27 and the Sou - 30, and also two fighting helicopters Mi - 35 should be put Indonesia according to the contract signed in April of this year during visit to Russia of the president of Indonesia Megavati Sukarnoputri.

According to Tambuna, WRK on maintenance of operation Russian aircraft technicians in Indonesia is close to end. Now, has noted kommodor, six Indonesian pilots and 18 aircraft technicians graduate training in Russia and can already spend demonstration flights of new planes on October, 5th, in Day of the Indonesian armed forces.