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Vladimir ShChurov is denounced for two years conditionally

the Vladivostok scientist, Dr.Sci.Tech. Vladimir ShChurov on the closed process is denounced on Monday for two years conditionally, W/ O deprivation of the right of WRK. The sentence date of performance is stopped on amnesty. Such is a verdict of court of Primorski Territory.

as has informed " News " the lawyer of the scientist Alexander Berkovich, despite a soft sentence, protection intends to achieve the verdict of “not guilty“.

on August, 31st, 1999 on Russian - the Chinese border at customs inspection the acoustic modules sent in the Peoples Republic of China by Vladimir ShChurovym 4 carrying out of joint researches have been detained.

according to military experts, the modules created in laboratory of Pacific oceanologic institute of Far East branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, have no analogues in the world and are capable to catch the slightest noise fluctuations of submarines.

After the conclusion military experts the autumn of 1999 in laboratory ShChurova had been conducted a search, are withdrawn scientific mately. Against scientific criminal case four years ago has been brought.

originally the consequence has brought to the scientist accusation under three articles. However the Office of Public Prosecutor of Primorski Territory has refused maintenance of charges under two articles/ contraband and export of technologies, scientifically - the technical information, used at military technology creation/.

the Office of Public Prosecutor had been supported charge of the scientist only under article - 283, a part 2/ disclosure of the data making the state secret/.

2 in the course of a consequence the regional Office of Public Prosecutor has dismissed charges from the Vladivostok scientist Yury Hvorostova who was passing originally on business by Shchurova.

the special commission of the Russian Academy of Sciences has in turn examined also. By its estimation, in Vladimir ShChurova`s business there are no lawful bases 4 charge of the scientist in disclosure of the state secret, all mately the scientist took from open sources.

according to Vladimir ShChurova, after four years of investigations its unique laboratory is almost destroyed, the scientific direction " was lost also; vector acoustics ". The world leader in this sphere was the Pacific institute of oceanology.