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Nepalese maoisty have put forward the ultimatum to the country government

Nepalese maoisty have laid down the ultimatum as a condition of continuation of negotiations W the country government, informs on Monday a web - a site " nepalnjus ".

the Chief negotiator of insurgents at negotiations of Baburam Bhattarai has declared that the further dialogue from Katmandu will lose meaning if the kingdom government does not make decisions of formation of the constitutional meeting.

ultimatum period of validity maoisty have limited next Tuesday, on August, 26th.

" if the government disagrees on formation of the constitutional meeting we will consider this decision as the unilateral termination of negotiations " - it is SPK in the statement maoistov.

The Third round of MTGs of representatives of a management of the Himalaya kingdom W Nepalese maoistami has taken place last week, however the parties did not manage to find the conciliatory proposal 4 an exit from a crisis situation in the country.

despite statements of the governmental delegation for readiness of formation of provisional government and carrying out of general election, insurgents have counted these statements discouraging and continue to demand revision of the constitution accepted in 1990.

the Communist Party/ maoistskaja/ achieves 2 cancellation of monarchic board and intoning of Nepal by republic.

for years of the armed opposition since 1996 in the country were lost nearby 7,5 tys the person.