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John Bolton will discuss problems of non-distribution to the OHM

Questions of interaction of the USA and Russia in the field of non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction/ to the OHM/ and means of its delivery will be discussed in Moscow during a two-day trip to the Russian capital of the assistant to the US State Secretary concerning non-distribution and to control over John Boltona`s arms.

as the broadcasting company of En - bi - si informs, Bolton will be is in Moscow on Monday and Tuesday and, predictably, the situation round the nuclear program of the North Korea will be one of questions which will be mentioned during negotiations.

the trip of Bolton passes on the eve of beginning on Wednesday in Beijing six-sided negotiations on Democratic People`s Republic of Korea.

informing on a position of the American delegation at these negotiations, the newspaper " Washington fast " Writes that George Bush`s administration will try to achieve from Pyongyang the maximum performance of the conditions, including a presentation to the international community hidden nuclear matelov, transfer of available nuclear arms and admission maintenance to the country of the international inspectors.

the USA are ready to go on granting of the economic help of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea but only after the North Korean authorities will CFM with the fact of refusal of the nuclear program, the newspaper which referring to sources writes to Bush`s administrations specifies that the American side now in every possible way forces down expectations from negotiations laying ahead in Beijing and in the public position shows scepticism concerning their possible results.

at the same time on Monday the informed magazine " JU es a news end uorld riport " Referring to own sources in administration has informed that the American diplomats nevertheless prepare for the Peking negotiations the project of arrangements between the USA and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea according to which Washington will be ready to make to Pyongyang written promises ABT nenapadenii to Democratic People`s Republic of Korea in exchange for the consent of the North Korea to open all data ABT the nuclear program which should be frozen.

thus the American side will demand, that all North Korean nuclear mately, including plutonium, uranium and the equipment 4 their manufacture, would be taken out for limits of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea and passed under the international control.

According to the American plan, as guarantors of such arrangements China and other regional powers will act, informs magazine, on made which promise ABT nenapadenii will be CFMed by the congress of the USA, but not within the limits of the formal interstate contract that would demand long procedure of ratification.

The Conclusion nuclear matelov for limits of territory of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea will make unnecessary difficult negotiations on the international checks and inspections.

under this scenario after the first arrangements of the USA and Democratic People`s Republic of Korea can continue negotiations within one year or two years then Washington can pass 2 an establishment dipotnosheny W Pyongyang and start to render economic assistance of Democratic People`s Republic of Korea, specifies " JU es a news end uorld riport ".