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Security MAX - 2003 provided more than 5 thousand police officers and internal troops

More than 5 tys police officers and military men of internal troops provided security on an air show MAX - 2003.

ABT it, as they say in entered Monday in " News " a MSG the press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, was declared by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Russia Boris Gryzlov.

making comments on safety during air show carrying out, the minister has underlined that " at carrying out of so scale action the raised security measures " have been accepted;. Have been involved not only employees of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow and Moscow Region, but also division of transport militia, militia on regime objects, OMON and film logic groups, and also experts of the Ministry of Emergency Measures and FSB. Streets Zhukovsky were patrolled by the strengthened police squads.

As the minister has noted, in territory of carrying out of an air show and in its vicinities the special throughput mode operated, the traffic has been limited. Careful personal inspection of ANY1 visitor and its things, ANY1 vezzhajushchego the car was spent.

additional security measures have been accepted 2 in Moscow on transport sites from which there are routes in Zhukovsky.

For an operating time of an air show him have visited more than 700 tys the person.