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the European Union marks exclusive character of relations W Russia in the field of a science and technics

the European Union marks exclusive character of relations W Russia in the field of a science and technics.

" I think that at us W Russia in scientifically - technical sphere exclusive cooperation " - has declared on a press - conferences in Moscow Phillip Bjusken who is responsible for researches in the European Commission.

Bjusken has underlined that recently cooperation of Russia and the European Union in the field of a science and technics gets more and more concrete character. He has specified that the European Union regularly allocates about seven billions euro a year for development of programs in the field of a science and the technics connected with Russia.

among spheres in which cooperation with Russia develops, Bjusken named public health services, aircraft, space, researches in the field of a climate, and also WRK in the field of natural sciences. Especially Bjusken has allocated cooperation sphere in space sphere. " Our cooperation in the field of space constantly increases " - he has declared.

Bjusken has told that on Friday morning within the limits of working visit to Moscow it has carried on negotiations W the assistant to the general director Russian aviation - space agency Alexander Medvedchikovym. At negotiations questions of joint starts of the Russian rockets from the cosmodrome in the Hen/ Guiana/ were discussed.

" the Sector of space researches has strategic value 4 mutual relations of Russia and the European Union " - has specified Bjusken.

As he said, priority sphere of cooperation of Russia and the European Union the nuclear power 2 is. In the area connected with nuclear reactors, Russia and EU has big prospects 4 cooperation, Bjusken has told.

SPK about programs of research which will be organised by the European Union, Bjusken has underlined that for the first time the Russian scientists take part in tenders for financing of programs also. In the first tender, for example, have taken part about 630 Russian scientists.

Bjusken has told that the Russian scientists 2 take part in the program on distribution of the grant of a name of Mari Kjuri. This program provides an exchange between scientists. According to Bjuskena, the European Union has already selected about 40 Russian scientists 4 WRK at various European scientific institutes.

Besides, according to a member of Eurocommission, Russia and the European Union have Gud prospects in the field of biotechnologies. The European Union is ready to cooperation with Russia and an exchange of experience in area of genetically changed products, has noted Bjusken.

SPK about forthcoming projects of the European Union and Russia, he has informed that within the limits of scientific cooperation the European Union has made the decision on carrying out in 2005 at Baumansky university in Moscow of the European competition of young scientists.

in 2007 under the European Union decision it will be spent " Polar year. " The Russian scientists want, that this year has passed in Russia. And we agree W this offer " - Phillip Bjusken has concluded.