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At the summit Russia - EU is planned signing of the frame agreement on cooperation in scientifically - technical sphere

Within the limits of the summit laying ahead in November Russia - EU in Rome is planned to sign the frame agreement in the field of cooperation in scientifically - technical sphere, has declared on a press - conferences in Moscow Phillip Bjusken, the member of the European commission who is responsible for research.

this agreement, as he said, has " exclusive character " also reflects relations of Russia and the European Union in scientifically - technical sphere. The document regulates cooperation of Russia and EU in the field of biotechnologies, public health services, agriculture, in the field of a climate, including joint researches in this sphere, and also researches in the field of social sciences, transport, has noted Bjusken.

the Agreement will be calculated for five years. Bjusken has specified that the document is prepared on the basis of the arrangements reached in May, 2003 at the summit Russia - EU in St.-Petersburg.

Besides, has informed Bjusken, it is expected that within the limits of the summit the question on simplification of a visa regime within the limits of an exchange of scientists between Russia and the European Union will be discussed. In particular, it will be a question of simplification of a visa regime W Germany, France and Italy.