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In capital Yury Pimenova`s anniversary exhibition - " opens; the singer of new Moscow "

2 100 - letiju the national artist of the USSR Yury Pimenova (1903 - 1977) - " the singer of new Moscow " the exhibition which opens on Monday in the Moscow museum of the modern art is dated. As have informed " News " curators, are collected products of the master from the Pushkin museum and the Tretyakov gallery, from the Russian Academy of Arts, Pimenov was whose full member.

> pictures are included In an exposition and drawings from meetings of the son and the daughter of the painter, from private collections 2. At an exhibition there will be many female images, first of all - portraits of a WF of the artist.

Pimenov long was among " the first persons " the Soviet art. Its well-known picture " New Moscow " it is written in 1937 not W/ O vague sensation of alarm, but it is penetrated by vital spirit. The girl of at the wheel open car goes on Ohotnij rjad washed out by a summer rain, where near to old buildings " Metropolja " and meeting Of noble family (the House of the Unions) cases of the General plan of the USSR and hostel " have already risen; Moscow ": The same year the author has RCVed a gold medal of the International exhibition in Paris for a panel 4 the Soviet pavilion.

pathos of transformations is notable and in the most known cloth of Pimenova 20 - h years " you Give the heavy industry! " close to a German expressionism and more deprived of impetuous optimism which was imposed to artists by the socialist realism doctrine. The silhouettes of workers melted off by heat - as if vision through a blast furnace flame. But 2 the beginning 30 - h the main subject of Pimenova became years an alloy of a city landscape, a still-life and a genre art; the poetics of city everyday life did not leave its creativity up to the life end. Such is a series " New quarters " Where boring industlnyj a landscape W elevating cranes and factory pipes perevoploshchen in a joyful show: here and " Wedding in tomorrow`s street " and " Frantihi " - washing boots directly in a pool of the working woman.

shape native to Pimenovu of Moscow as in a kaleidoscope, changed in the face of, and the artist has developed special " cinema " language: lyrical kinds of a big city and the nature as if flash behind a car window, the canvas surface vibrates, the composition is under construction like the mounted shots of a film (BTW, almost 30 years the master taught at art faculty VgIka). The artist willingly transfigured a reality in scenography - sketches 2 " to the Lady W camellias " posters 2 ballet " Giselle and 2 a film " the Doughnut ".