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In Israel the four-hour general strike

has begun. In 6. 00 local time on Monday in Israel the short-term general strike has begun. It covers establishments and the enterprises both state, and private sectors.

the state organisations, banks are closed stock exchange, supply of gaz stations by fuel is stopped, the telephone and electric companies do not repair breakage. Workers of the international airport do not serve planes, in seaports do not unload the ships, in hospitals and schools the personnel part works only.

the representative of Vseizrailsky trade-union association " Gistadrut " initiating strike, has informed radio stations " Kol Israel " that the decision to limit a protest action against socially - economic reforms of the government was accepted four hours in reply to the Court requirement under labour conflicts.

This legal instance has forbidden carrying out of an unlimited general strike, having decided to renew negotiations between " Gistadrutom " and the Ministry of Finance next Thursday. According to the representative of trade unions, the further development of strike movement will be defined on Monday at session of a management of professional association.

the day before head " Gistadruta " Amir Perets has refused the request of premieres - minister Ariel Sharon to postpone a general strike at 48 o`clock and during negotiations W the government to find the conciliatory proposal.