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the Government of Argentina has directed to parliament the project of the new economic program

the Chairman of the cabinet of Argentina to Horhe Kapitanich has declared on Thursday on a press - conferences that the government has directed to the National congress/ parliament/ the project of the new economic program which will be published on Friday, on January, 4th.

as the correspondent " passes; News " it is expected that deputies will make changes to the law " ABT convertibility " according to which in 1991 national currency of peso has been equal to US dollar in the ratio 1:1.

Kapitanich has refused to CFM with the MSG which have appeared in local mass-media that the cabinet plans on 30 - 40 percents devalvirovat peso in relation to dollar. At the same time, answering a question of journalists that the similar measure can cause, he has underlined that the purpose of the plan of the government - to avoid an aggravation of social crisis.

The Prime minister 2 has informed that the financial mechanism which will allow to realise immediately the program of maintenance with the foodstuffs of the poorest levels of population in the near future will be developed.

he has urged owners of supermarkets not to change price lists for the goods, as " benefit from gamble will be paid by people hunger ".

Being afraid of devaluation owners of shops have raised the prices for a number of the industrial goods on 20 - 40 percents From counters have disappeared some medicines. Many drugstores on a broader scale were closed.