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the Italian families all become smaller

. Extended behind boundaries of Italy representation ABT the Italian family as ABT overflowed with children, all less represents the facts.

it was once again CFMed with the Italian institute of statistics ISTAT on Wednesday during hearings on the commission concerning the Senate finance - the upper chamber of the Italian parliament.

according to ISTAT, from more than 22 million families which were in Italy in 2003, 5,6 million were on a broader scale conditional " family units " as consisted of one person - independently living unmarried woman or the unmarried man.

and though the number of the married couples which do not have children, is reduced, also the number of large families (five and more children) 2 is reduced: if in 1994 - such was 1995 8,4 % now there were only 6,8 %.

the Majority of large families lives, as before, in the south of Italy.

The Average Italian family consists 2DAY all of 2,6 persons.