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Destiny of results of elections in Abkhazia the court

B4 the final decision of the Sovereign court of Abkhazia will solve legitimacy of presidential election which has passed on October, 3rd remains in doubt. ABT it " News " have informed in an unrecognized republic Abkhazia permanent representative in Moscow.

" now, when created on October, 26th the Sovereign court from representatives of the Central Electoral Commission, and also Raul Hadzhimba and Sergey Bagapsh staffs " schetnaja the commission " at a vote recount has established infringements in 11 of 35 reports of district election committees, the Sovereign court should make the decision on legitimacy of presidential election which has passed on October, 3rd " - have noted in a permanent representative.

The Interlocutor of agency has explained that only the Sovereign court can estimate gravity of the revealed infringements (for example, absence in some reports of the seals and signatures of separate members of the commissions, presence in the same documents of different records by pens and pencils, and so on) and their influence on a recognition of the last elections the valid.

as he said, after end on Wednesday of a vote recount contradictory candidates for presidents already have given the estimations to the revealed infringements.

so, Raul Hadzhimba`s representative has declared to journalists that considers the found out infringements rough, involving a recognition of the specified reports and elections void, irrespective of number of the collected subjects or other candidate of votes. Its opponent - Sergey Bagapsh representative, on the contrary, does not C in the specified infringements which fact he recognises, the bases 4 cancellation of results of elections.

thereupon in a permanent representative have underlined that members " schetnoj the commissions " have not been authorised by the Sovereign court to do conclusions on the basis of the vote recount made by them.

" it will make in the near future Sovereign court after attentive studying of the RCVed data and additional poll of members of election committees which have not put the signatures in reports or have admitted other infringements " - have noted in a permanent representative.