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Yasser Arafat`s State of health has worsened - the agency

the State of health of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has worsened, Rejter reports.

the Palestinian sources of agency of details have not informed.

the management of Palestin has refused comments.

the Minister for Foreign Affairs in Arafat Nabil Shaat`s government has declared on Tuesday that 75 - the summer leader of Palestin is ill the heavy form of a flu. However doctors from Egypt and Tunis expect that the state of health will improve within several days, the minister has told.

he 2 has declared that doctors have rejected the assumption of some the Israeli officials that at Arafat a stomach cancer.

the day before there were MSG that Arafat suffers affliction from the big stone in a gall bladder. Doctors recommended to Arafat to perform small operation on gallstone removal, however it yet has not given on it the consent, confirm sources.

In connection with appreciable deterioration of state of health of the Palestinian leader past Monday the power of Israel for the first time have in the last two days allowed to leave to Arafat the residence blocked by the Israeli armies " Mukata " and to visit hospital in Ramallahe.