Rus News Journal

George Bush has made the order ABT preparation of the plan of military men, diplomatic and subversive activities 4 overthrow of the president of Iraq

As the correspondent " passes; News " W such statement the American newspaper " has acted on Wednesday; Philadelphia inkuajrer " having referred to the information from the high-ranking officials in administration of the USA. Officials in Washington have CFMed to the newspaper that Bush has made the decision on necessity of overthrow of the present president of Iraq even if the USA will not RCV in it support from the allies.

according to the representative of the American administration, disputes in the White house of Hussein`s displacement " are finished, and now there is a speech how it to carry out ".

Referring to words not named by name of heads of one of the foreign states, meeting recently W George Bush, the newspaper writes that it after conversation with the US president too had an impression, according to which " the decision on blow across Iraq is accepted " and not clear there are only such aspects, as " when " and " where ".

According to the newspaper, in March during a trip on 11 countries of the Near East the vice-president of the USA Richard Chejni intends to inform leaders of these states that of Saddam Hussein`s displacement " the decision is accepted the president and will be executed ".

the Newspaper, asserts 2 that, according to one representative of high rank of administration, CIA of the USA has passed Bush offers on the measures directed on destabilization of a ruling mode in Iraq, including " The massed campaign of secret operations, sabotage, information war and much more aggressive bombardments of forbidden zones 4 flights in the north and the south of Iraq ".

According to a newspaper source, the US president " W enthusiasm " has concerned the plan of CIA and though he still has not clearly countenanced its or not, but the American intelligence service already " has started to translate officers to this problem ".

" land intrusion into Iraq assumes participation in such land operation 200 tys the American military men, " Philadelphia inkuajrer " writes that now to Bush`s administrations there is a dispute between " hawks " from an environment of the Minister of Defence of the USA Donald Ramsfeld, supporting operation in Iraq on " the Afghani model " W use of aircraft and special troops of the USA at a support on forces of the Iraq opposition and the personnel American military men who are sceptical 2 possibilities of the oppositional Iraq national congress.

last group warns that Iraq has armed forces as a part of 400 tys the soldier a quarter from which minister in elite divisions, and also a number of modern arms. Besides it is impossible to exclude that, when to it already " there will be nothing to lose " Saddam Hussein can strike blow to the American armies and also Israel and the supporting USA to the Arabian countries W application of rockets " Skad " filled with the chemical or bacteriological weapon, the newspaper writes.