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the European Union and the Organization Islamic koferentsija declare intention in common to struggle against the international terrorism

the European Union and the Organization Islamic koferentsija/ OIK/ have declared on Wednesday intention 2GETHR to struggle against the international terrorism. In WRK of the Joint forum of these organisations in Istanbul under the name " the Civilization and harmony: political measurement " heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about 70 countries have taken part.

as have informed " News " in administration of the head of foreign policy department of Austria Benity Ferrero - Valdner, following the results of a forum was accepted the joint statement in which it is underlined that the European states and the Islamic world will be joint efforts to combat against the international terrorism and extremism. " in the field of fight against terrorism there is a general responsibility of all civilised countries " - it is SPK in the document.

By data from the Austrian diplomatic sources, during forum WRK in Istanbul ministers of some Muslim countries whom the administration of the USA named " a harm axis " in particular, Iran and Iraq, have accused Washington that " it uses struggle against terrorism in the mercenary foreign policy purposes ". However in the final document this subject of development has not RCVed.

in the statement participants of the Istanbul forum have demanded " to find the fair and universal decision in the Near East ". Thereupon it is noticed that so-called " the decision on creation of two states " could bring in region the world and security.

dialogue between the European Union and OIK will be continued in second half of current year in Qatar.