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the European commission has offered the European model of the autobiography

the European commission has offered the European model of the autobiography, the correspondent " passes; News ".

Official representative EK has explained on Wednesday that a month before carrying out of the summit of EU in Barcelona which will concentrate the ATTN to construction of the competitive economy based on modern knowledge, the Eurocommission thus carries out the decision of the Lisbon summit/ March, 2000/ ABT working out of the uniform European sample of the autobiography.

such model which will be applied only on a voluntary basis, should allow ANY1 citizen of the European union as it is possible to present more favourably the qualification, facilitating thus access 2 training or WRK in incorporated Europe.

a member of the European commission, responsible for questions of education and culture, Vivian Reading has declared about it that " If the European citizens have theoretically the right to be trained and work everywhere on EU space, in practice in this business there are numerous obstacles ". Among such obstacles - a recognition and a transparency of the argument of qualification. Representing in clear, allowing to do comparisons, a manner experience and competence of citizens, the uniform European autobiography is a stage in situation improvement, the eurocommissioner believes.