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the Aircraft service enters into norm, there is antiobledenitelnoj no liquid

Moscow, 29 deck - News, Dmitry Vinogradov. the situation at the airports of the Moscow aviasite as of evening of environment slowly but surely settles into shape. And if the elements have not prepared new surprises it is possible to predict that soon the situation is completely normalised. Interested parties have begun to search guilty, and in it too for pledge of that, at least, in the near future the airports will work regularly.

the Sleet which has fallen in a past week-end on capital region, has created chaos at the Moscow airports. Hundreds flights could not take off. According to Association of tour operators of Russia, a delay have concerned more than 20 thousand persons. " Aeroflot " S7 and " transaero " have started to enter into the SKED only on Tuesday, but for the sake of it airlines had to go on drastic measures.

the Sheremetyevo: Tens flights have sacrificed

For the sake of schedule stabilisation in the Sheremetyevo of its anchor airline - " to Aeroflot " - it was necessary to go on extreme measures and to cancel almost two hundreds flights, and not only in such rather near cities, as Petersburg, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Samara, Krasnodar, Ekaterinburg (where, on a plan of liquidators of a collapse, it it is possible to leave by train), but also to Berlin, LDN, New York. Some more flights have been united - for example, flights " Aeroflot " and " the Scandinavian airlines " to Copenhagen and some flights in Narjan - Mar (Nenets autonomous region) and Murmansk.

In terminal D, mainly planes " whence fly; Aeroflot " people was much more usual. Free sedentary places in waiting rooms in the afternoon on Wednesday was not, people have filled all cafes. Many, ESP youth, whiled away time directly on a floor.

One more place of a congestion of passengers - windows of operative service " Aeroflot ". Here, as declare on a public address system ANY1 five - ten minutes, it is possible to hand over tickets for the cancelled flights.

it obviously did not please Some. People silently talked smut and panels W flights studied. " AGN any confusion, - was indignant the elderly lady in expensive fur coat. - we in Peter should depart yesterday. Have left in hostel - the airline has given. Thanks it, of course, but our acquaintances, in Q have got acquainted, who in hostel has not left, have easy departed all - taki at night ".

" Now to us SPK that flight have at all cancelled, hand over tickets. How home to reach, mind I will not put - SPK, to Petersburg is not present on trains of tickets " - she has told.

" the Grand daughter " for " a small house "

In Domodedovo now a little that reminds ABT energetichesko - the transport collapse which has paralysed its WRK some days ago: from - for emergency stopping delivery of the electric power from substations on December, 26th the airport has been completely disconnected within 12 hours.

the Airport on Tuesday has started to enter into the habitual schedule slowly. On Wednesday in its halls huge heaps anywhere not sent luggage were evident - it has been packed in packages W the labels designating number of flight.

On a board lists of the cancelled flights have been hung out: Tambov, Ufa, Nizhni Novgorod and Y - that Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam). Flights B4 Ekaterinburg, Yakutsk, Blagoveshchensk, Tenerife and Berlin were late, and about Saratov the intriguing has been written: " W8 for the information ". The whole list of flights have combined with the same flights, but for Tuesday.

On a public address system declared: " Passengers of flight to Ufa, pass 2 cash desk 56, you are expected by the bus B4 " Vnukovo ": some flights from Domodedovo have been translated in the next airport.

the Agiotage was observed only at racks of airlines S7 (" Siberia ") And " transaero " which flights have been cancelled. Passengers were stirred.

" the Girl, my flight on Bottom have cancelled, what to me to do? " - one of passengers asked the girl behind a rack. - put a stamp, go to cash desk behind money, in the same place it is possible to buy the train ticket. - and there are tickets - that? 2 children it is necessary to me! - On " Sapsany " precisely is. - " Sapsan " you more expensively the plane costs, - the passenger has discontentedly grumbled, but has left.

the Correction of mistakes

On Wednesday the first comments from a mouth of heads of the state have sounded also. And they were rigid.

According to the head of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitina, the airports of the Moscow aviasite have faced such situation for the first time. However the prime minister - minister Vladimir Putin at session of presidium of the government has declared that these events have revealed impreparation 2 CHS and an inefficiency of actions of responsible persons in airlines and the airports.

" the Domodedovo Airport on a broader scale owing to failure has been disconnected from an electrical supply, and people continued to come to the airport. What notification? Zero. Have saved more than 8 thousand persons. What is this WRK such? Would warn people that all - the airport is in an emergency status, departures are impossible " - the prime minister has told.

the Head of the government has demanded from Ministry of Transport of an assessment of works of an aviacomplex in abnormal conditions, and up to the special order has forbidden to go on leave to the officials who are responsible for liquidation of consequences of a bad weather.

Head " Aeroflot " Vitaly Savelyev has tried to justify, having reminded that from - for a sleet planes have become covered by ice, and the liquid 4 processing of aircrafts does not suffice.

" the situation was critical - by planes there was an ice layer five - six centimetres " - the general director " has informed; Aeroflot ". If earlier plane processing occupied seven - ten minutes, now - ones and a half - two hours.

the Top - the manager has noticed that in territory of Russia similar means are not made also them it is necessary to buy abroad. Moreover, according to Savelyev, stocks of a liquid 4 processing of planes of airline will suffice only till December, 31st.

the Prime minister has charged Minpromtorgu to present offers on manufacture antiobledenitelnoj to a liquid in the country.

As to airport closing, that, according to experts, for this purpose is not present the legislative bases. Corresponding amendments to regulations of WRK of the airport are for this purpose necessary, differently the official risks to RCV charge in excess of powers.

in court

Many passengers have promised All that claims will bring an action against the airports and airlines. On Wednesday it became known that the working group of Public chamber of the Russian Federation will render a free legal aid to passengers - " to hostages " the capital airports. A society of protection of the rights of consumers " Public control " 2 intend to prepare the claim in court in protection of an uncertain circle of the consumers which have suffered from faults W an aircraft service in Russia.

On Tuesday the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has charged to public prosecutor Yury Chajke to CK aviasite WRK. Following the results of check in Domodedovo numerous infringements of the legislation on protection of the rights of passengers are revealed from airlines " transaero " S7, " WIM - ABIJAH " " the Orenburg airlines " " JUTejr ". In the relation " transaero " and " the Orenburg airlines " are already brought actions ABT infringement of the rights of consumers, representatives of air carriers are called in Office of Public Prosecutor 4 a summer residence of explanations. The aerostation complex of Pulkovo will undergo to public prosecutor`s check also.

Rospotrebnadzor has reacted To complaints also, having brought administrative actions ABT protection of the rights of consumers regarding finishing of necessary trustworthy information. According to Onishchenko, " transaero " in essence practically does not work W passengers, unlike other airlines. He has noticed that department remarks concern, including, an unaccordance to passengers of the necessary information during a collapse in Domodedovo.

In turn " transaero " declares readiness to accept and satisfy all well-founded claims of passengers, and then to show to their airport of the Domodedovo which has admitted a collapse W disconnect of an electricity and infringement of a fabrication cycle of service of planes that increased terms of preparation for a departure.

" Aeroflot " Against which Rospotrebnadzor too has brought administrative action ABT infringement of the rights of consumers, promises to compensate cost of tickets EVN to the departed passengers which flights have been detained 25, on December, 26th and 27. The refund mechanism will be worked and on it will inform in addition.

the Federal antimonopoly service has from its part reacted to MSG on an unjustified rise in price of products and water at the airports during a collapse - the price for a sandwich reached 500 roubles. Department has declared intention to spend off-schedule checks of dealers in territory of the airports of the Moscow aviasite about observance of antimonopoly norms at an establishment of the prices.