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December - 2010 becomes the coldest in Cuba since 1951

Havana, 29 deck - News, Oleg Vjazmitinov. December, 2010 becomes the coldest December in Cuba for last 60 years, the Cuban meteorologists have informed.

Proceeding from the temperatures registered by meteorological stations of the country, this December becomes the coldest in the country since 1951, the newspaper " writes on Wednesday; Granma " referring to a MSG of the representative of the CTR of studying of a climate of the Cuban Institute of meteorology of Ramona Peres (Ramon Perez).

the lowest temperatures in this MTH have been noted early in the morning on December, 15th and 28 - 1,9 degrees and 2,8 degrees of heat accordingly (both indicators have been registered by meteorological stations in a province Matanzas).

the Usual night temperature in Cuba at this time year makes about 15 degrees of heat.

According to the expert, December was cold in all Cuban territory: At this time the country had to endure six cold fronts. Thus the expert has noticed that cold December contrasts W the last summer, one of the hottest for all history of supervision in Cuba.