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Weather forecasters predict strong blizzards and wind strengthening in Tatarstan

Kazan, 30 deck - News, Irina Durnitsyna. Weather conditions in Tatarstan will worsen forthcoming night and in the afternoon on Friday - strong blizzards, a wind B4 20 metres per second are expected, informs on Thursday management on hydrometeorology and monitoring of environment RT.

" at Night and in the afternoon on December, 31st in places across Tatarstan and in Kazan strong snow - B4 12 - 19 millimetres for days, a blizzard W visibility one thousand metres, times of 500 metres, strengthening jugo - east wind impulses B4 15 - 20 metres per second " is expected; - it is SPK in a management MSG.

On roads snow drifts, places - ice are expected.

air Temperature in republic will make 2 - 5 degrees of a frost, in the western areas in places columns of thermometers will rise B4 0 degrees, in east - will fall B4 a minus of 10 degrees.

On the night of January, 1st in Tatarstan the blizzard 2 is expected, the minimum temperature of air on republic will make 8 - 13 degrees of a frost, in the afternoon on January, 1st - a minus 5 - 10 degrees.