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Italy withdraws the ambassador from - for refusal of Brazil ekstradirovat Battisti

Rome, 31 deck - News, Natalia Shmakov. the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Italy Ex Frattini is discouraged by refusal of Brazil ekstradirovat on the Apennines of the left extremist Chezare Battisti sentenced in the homeland 2 a life imprisonment, and withdraws the Italian ambassador in Brazilia 4 consultations, has informed on Friday a press - service of Italian the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

France Presse agency on Friday referring to head Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Selsu Amorima has informed that the Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has refused to Italy an extradition of Battisti. The sovereign court of Brazil in November, 2009 recognised granting by Brazil of a political asylum of Battisti illegal. Last word in a question on an extradition remains for the Brazilian president.

Thereupon Frattini has made decision to withdraw the ambassador in Brazil 4 carrying out of consultations ABT the further steps of Italy to protection of the " lawful expectations " based on the bilaterial contract on an extradition and the decision of the Sovereign court of Brazil.

the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy 2 intends to inform through the ambassador B4 the elected president of Brazil to Dilmy Russeff who will enter a post in the beginning of 2011, determination of the Italian government in all legal ways to achieve an extradition of Battisti. Rome hopes that the new president will reconsider the decision of the predecessor, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is SPK in a MSG of Italian.

Battisti, the leader of the left extremist organisation " the Armed proletarians - for communism " has been arrested in one of hotels Rio - de - Zhanejro in March, 2007. After that it has been placed in prison in suburb of the Brazilian capital. All this time Italy demanded its extradition home where it is sentenced to a life imprisonment for four murders made in the end of 1970 - h years. Battisti insists on the innocence and denies participation in these crimes.

In January, 2009 after intervention of the first lady of France Karly Bruni the Brazilian government has given Battisti the status of the refugee that became an occasion to intensity in relations of Brazil W Italy.