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LDN the Cat - d Ivuara

LDN, 31 deck - News, Alexander Smotrov has deprived of accreditation of the ambassador. Great Britain has deprived of accreditation of the ambassador the Cat - d Ivuara appointed working president Loranom Gbagbo, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom is SPK in a MSG.

in the Cat - d Ivuare has passed the second tour of presidential election In the beginning of December. According to the Central Electoral Committee, on elections the leader of opposition of Alassan Uattara of which recognised the international community has defeated. However the Constitutional advice cancelled results of voting in a number of country regions, actually having awarded victory of Gbagbo. Both Uattara, and Gbagbo declared themselves presidents, having accepted ANY1 the oath, and have generated ANY1 the government.

" Forin - the office has informed mister Phillip Dzhangona - Bi that since December, 31st, 2010 it any more is not the ambassador the Cat - d Ivuara in the Connected kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland " - it is SPK in a MSG.

It loses the diplomatic status, immunity and privileges. The British Ministry of Foreign Affairs has explained that this step is made under the recommendation of Advice of the European Union which has decided to recognise diplomatic representatives of Uattary and to interrupt contacts to diplomats of its rival Gbagbo.

" We are ready to recognise naznachentsa president Alassana Uattary when due hereunder " - Forin - office has assured.