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the Russian tourists, " got stuck " in Czechia for days, take off for Moscow

Moscow, 4 janv - News. the Part of the Russian tourists, " got stuck " in Czechia, take off for Moscow by airline Red Wings plane - more than for days L8R, than it was originally planned, the correspondent of News broadcasts.

" We sit in the plane, we expect a departure " - he has told.

Flight of 7388 airlines " Tatarstan " W 200 Russian tourists should take off for Moscow on January, 3rd in 15. 30 local time (17. 30 Moscow time).

the Departure was transferred some times, airline thus carrying out flight " Tatarstan " did not explain the delay reason. The reason - plane breakage - has been named only later 18 hours after originally planned time of a departure. Meanwhile, on an attestation of eyewitnesses, on Monday from Pardubice the departure not one, and at least three planes has been detained.

According to the correspondent of the News, some following flights to Moscow 2 are late at some o`clock.