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Barack Obama is ready to a new season of fights W republicans

Washington, 4 janv - News, Maria Tabak. US president Barack Obama has returned to Washington from Honolulu (Hawaii) where by tradition had winter feasts, and is ready to political fights W republicans.

On Wednesday begins WRK new structure of the congress. The House of Representatives as a result of passed in the beginning of November of elections will pass under control of republicans, in the senate democrats remain in the majority, however it is essential their position oslabnut. Republicans and undertook earlier attempts to block bills offered by presidential administration, now they will have for this purpose all tools.

" there Will be a lot of policy, A/U in Washington... But I am quite assured that they will understand that our WRK - to operate and do all 4 maintenance of workplaces 4 Americans and creation of competitive economy in 21 century - not only 4 present generation, but also 4 the following " - Obama to correspondents of a presidential pool on the way to capital has told.

the US president has expressed hope that leaders of the congress will show judiciousness.

" I hope that John Boner (the leader of the republican majority in the House of Representatives) and Mitch Makkonnell (the leader of republican minority in the senate) will understand that 4 campaign of 2012 there will be enough time in 2012, and this year our problem - to make all 4 consolidation of restoration of economy. We have achieved considerable successes during session " a lame duck " (the period between elections and the beginning of WRK of new structure of the congress) and I hope that progress will proceed and after my returning to Washington " - Obama has told.