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State Unitary Enterprise " mosgortrans ". The inquiry

the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobjanin has held on January, 6th, 2011 the meeting devoted to WRK by State Unitary Enterprise " mosgortrans " prospects and possible vanty reorganisation of this enterprise were discussed.

the State unitary enterprise " mosgortrans " is the basic operator of system of land city passenger transport of Moscow uniting the bus, a trolley bus and a tram. A rolling stock " mosgortransa " carries out more than 35 % from total amount passazhiroperevozok, carried out in a city public transport. It transports over 1,7 billion passengers a year. " mosgortrans " is the world`s largest land passenger transport system.

State Unitary Enterprise History " mosgortrans " Begins on July, 31st, 1958 when Management of passenger motor transport has been united W Tramvajno - trolleybus management - in new Management of passenger transport of the Moscow Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People`s Deputies (UPTM).

now State Unitary Enterprise " mosgortrans " serves over 598 bus, 89 trolleybus and 42 tram routes.

Total extent of a routeing network of the bus makes more than 6,1 thousand kilometres, a trolley bus - almost one thousand kilometres, a tram - 432,5 kilometres. Daily on a routeing network of a city at o`clock " peak " there are more than 4,3 thousand buses, 1,3 thousand trolley buses and 700 trams.

the AVG interval of movement at an o`clock " peak " on bus routes makes about 9,2 minutes, on trolleybus routes - 6,1 minutes, on tram routes - 6,8 minutes.

by Buses, trolley buses and trams it is carried out for days over 116 thousand industrial flights and it is transported more than 4,6 million passengers.

State Unitary Enterprise " mosgortrans " has a network from 53 branches: 19 bus fleets, eight trolleybus, one bus - the trolleybus park, five tram depots, four factories, and also educational industrial complexes, motor depots and other. At the network enterprises work about 40 thousand persons.

Since June, 2006 the general director of State Unitary Enterprise " mosgortrans " Peter Ivans is.