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the Court has released on freedom of the militiamen plundering visitors in Crimea

simferopol, 6 janv - News, Dmitry Zhmutsky. the District court of Railway area of Simferopol has sentenced 12 of 13 police officers recognised guilty of beatings and robberies of visitors, to the punishments which have been not connected with imprisonment, is SPK on Thursday in a MSG of Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea.

All employees of linear department of militia of railway station " Simferopol " - 13 persons - have been detained in March, 2008. Under the version of the investigation, militiamen during several MTH illegally detained inhabitants of other regions of Ukraine coming to Crimea, beat them and plundered. Among victims, according to Office of Public Prosecutor, there are also citizens of the Russian Federation.

the Court recognised all suspects guilty of excess of powers and abusing office position. Under laws of Ukraine, for these crimes it is necessary from 5 till 10 years of imprisonment, it is marked in a MSG of Office of Public Prosecutor. However punishment leaves only one former employee of linear department - the lieutenant of militia criminal case against which is allocated in separate manufacture.

" Nine " to werewolves " punishment in the form of freedom restriction, to three - in the form of imprisonment is appointed, but they are released from serving of punishment W a trial period " - it is SPK in a MSG of Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea.

According to Office of Public Prosecutor, the court 2 has deprived of ranks 8 of 12 denounced six property confiscation W8.

Supervising department studies, a leah corresponds a judgement of the first instance to the Ukrainian legislation.