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At auction in Austria there were Charles`s stolen manuscripts IV

Prague, 6 janv - News, Leonid Sviridov. Historical manuscripts W the royal seals of king Charles The Fourth, the cities of Heb stolen from the state archive, have appeared at the auctions of one of auction houses in Austria, inform the Czech mass-media.

On the request of the Czech police to return the stolen manuscripts, the Austrian party has responded that documents have got to Vienna a legal way.

According to the Austrian law enforcement bodies, the present owner of historical manuscripts is the respectable citizen and also has RCVed documents a lawful way.

hundreds hand-written documents were gone In the beginning 90 - h years of the last century from city archive Heba, since the period of board of king Charles The Fourth till times of empress Maria Terezii. Documents were written on a special watermarked paper, on ANY1 there was a royal or imperial press and the signature of the monarch.

Among the stolen unique documents - the decree of king Charles The Fourth, dated 1354 in which the monarch releases the city of Heb from payment of the customs duties. The letters written by king Vaclav The Fourth and emperor Sigizmundom were gone 2.

the Present director hebskogo archive the Karelian of Hull considers that in the circumstances " there are only two possibilities how to return to Czechia the gone documents: diplomatic channels or to buy manuscripts at auction in Vienna ".