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Some persons are wounded at explosion of bombs in buildings of state institutions in the USA

Moscow, 6 janv - News. Two bombs have blown up on Thursday in two office buildings of American state Maryland, under the various data of wound have RCVed from one B4 six persons, Rejter reports referring to local mass-media.

According to radio station WTOP, at the moment of bomb explosion were in boxes.

the First explosion - in a department building on transport of the State of Maryland in the city of Ganover (Hanover) - has occurred in the afternoon indoors 4 mail. The second explosive has been put in action after half an hour in a building of State department of staff in the city of Annapolis.

Authorities do not inform on victims at explosions, however, according to local mass-media, small wounds have RCVed from one B4 six persons. Thus hospitalisation was necessary for nobody.

Other details of incident yet are not informed.