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the Largest air crashes in the world in 1999 - 2011 the Inquiry

the plane They are on January, 1st, 2011 154 companies " Kogalymavia " carrying out flight from Surgut to Moscow, has lighted up on Saturday nearby 15. 00 local time at the airport of Surgut after start of engines B4 a start of motion on main rulezhnoj to a path. Onboard there were 116 passengers, including nine children, eight crewmen and more ten workers of airline. Three persons were lost, more than 40 have been hospitalised W burns and a poisoning with carbonic oxide. The plane has burnt down.


on December, 4th, 2010 the plane They be 154 airlines " the Dagestan airlines " following from Moscow to Makhachkala, has crash-landed at the airport " Domodedovo " in half an hour after a departure from the airport " Vnukovo " From - for refusal of all three engines. Onboard there were 163 passengers and nine crewmen. Two persons were lost, more than 80 have suffered.

on December, 28th, 2010 in 21. 00 Moscow time military transport plane An - 22 has taken off on a route the airport of Voronezh - the airport " Migalovo " (Tver region). After a while after soar the plane was gone from screens of a radar. After some hours its fragments have found out about settlement Red October of the Tula area, in 100 kilometres to the south of Tula. 12 military pilots who were onboard were lost all.

on November, 28th, 2010 in the largest Pakistan city of Karachi there was a wreck of the cargo plane Silt - 76. 12 persons, including 8 crewmen were lost: 1 citizen of the Russian Federation and 7 citizens of Ukraine. The aircraft has been rented by the Georgian airline Sun Way and transported cargo of the humanitarian help from the United Arab Emirates.

on November, 5th, 2010 the plane of Cuban airline Aerosaribbean which was carrying out flight of Santiago - de - Cuba - Havana, has broken near the city of Sankti - Spiritus in the country CTR. Onboard were from 59 B4 61 persons, including 28 foreigners.

on August, 24th, 2010 in the city of Ichun in a province Heilongjiang on severo - the east of China has broken the passenger plane of airline Henan Airlines. 43 persons were lost, 53 have survived.

on July, 28th the plane of private airline Airblue following from Karachi in capital of Pakistan Islamabad, has fallen in hilly district to the north of destination. Aboard there were six crewmen and, under different data, from 146 B4 153 passengers. Survived on a place of wreck of the plane have not found out.

on May, 22nd flight of Indian airline Air India has broken in the south of India at landing approach. " The Boeing 737 - 800 " carried out flight from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) in Mangalor (the Indian state of Karnataka). In 06. 30 local time (05. 00 Moscow time) the liner has landed, but could not stop and was at great speed rolled out for limits take-off - a landing strip. Having punched a protection, the plane has broken on two parts, has swept on porosshemu wood to a slope and has lighted up. Onboard there were 166 persons, including six crewmen. According to the Indian ministry of civil aircraft, 158 persons were lost, eight passengers have escaped.

on May, 12th, 2010 at the airport of the Libyan capital Tripoli the plane belonging to Libyan airline Al Afriqiyah has broken. The plane has arrived from the South African city of JHB and has broken at landing approach. In total onboard the broken plane, according to airline, there were 93 passengers and 11 crewmen. The eight-year boy has appeared the only thing the passenger who has survived in accident.

on April, 10th, 2010 a presidential board of the leader of Poland They be 154, flying of Warsaw to Smolensk, has fallen at landing in 300 - 400 m from take-off - a landing strip of military airdrome Northern in the Smolensk region. Onboard there were 96 persons: 88 passengers and eight crewmen, including the president of Poland Lech Kaczynski and his wife. All who was in the plane were lost.


on July, 15th in Iran has suffered accident the plane They be 154, making flight from Teheran to Yerevan. The air liner belonged to airline ˝aspian Airlines. Aboard there were 153 persons plus crewmen, among passengers there were basically citizens of Armenia, and also Iran and Georgia. All 168 persons were lost.

on June, 30th at Comoro Islands has suffered accident airline Yemenia liner A310. The plane made flight from Paris W intermediate stops in five cities, the capital of Yemen of the Dignity became last of which. Onboard the broken plane there were 142 passengers and 11 crewmen. The unique survived passenger had appeared 12 - the summer girl (under other data to it 13 or 14 years), at it were numerous bruises, are burnt knees and the clavicle is broken. In accident at it mother was lost. The girl has been rescued from ocean later 12 hours after an air crash.

on June, 1st there was an air crash of passenger air bus A - 330 companies Air Franse over Atlantic ocean. The plane has taken off from the international airport Rio - de - Zhanejro and should land at the Parisian airport of a name of Charles de Gaulle. Communication with plane has been lost in four hours after a departure when the liner went over Atlantic. Onboard there were 228 persons.

four minutes prior to disappearance of the plane from it 24 automatic MSG on malfunctions have arrived. Plane fragments have been found out in 900 km from archipelago to Fernando - di - Noronja and in 69,5 km from that place where the air bus has sent last electronic signal ABT malfunction onboard.

on May, 20th about the city of Madiun in the Indonesian province East Java the transport plane of the Air Forces of Indonesia has broken W? 130 " Oat-flakes " going from Djakarta in east part of island. Aboard there were 110 persons – 11 crewmen and 99 passengers. During wreck three persons who were on the earth were lost also. The plane has failed on some houses.


on September, 14th in Perm at repeated landing approach the plane " has broken; the Boeing - 737 - 500 " airlines " Aeroflot - the North " carrying out flight from Moscow. All were onboard 88 persons were lost.

on August, 20th the large air crash has occurred at the Madrid airport " Barahas ". Plane MD - 82, going of Madrid in Las - Palmas (Canary Islands), almost after soar has failed at once on the earth and has lighted up. In an air crash 154 persons were lost. From 20 survived two L8R have died in hospital from the RCVed wounds.

on January, 1st Boeing - 737 Indonesian companies " Adam ejr " has failed in ocean between islands Javas and Sulawesi. The plane made flight from city airport Surabaja in east Java in province capital Northern Sulawesi Manado. 100 persons were lost. Accident has occurred from - for errors of pilots and malfunction of the navigating equipment.


on July, 17th belonging to the Brazilian airline " THERE " Passenger plane Airbus - 320, carrying out flight to ╣3054 Port - Alegri – the Dignity - Paulu, at landing at destination airport Kongonjas has left for limits of airdrome and ran into filling station. Onboard the liner the fire has begun, 199 persons as a result were lost.

on May, 5th , in Cameroon about Douala the passenger plane " has broken; the Boeing - 737 - 800 " belonging to the company " Kenya ejruejz " and carrying out flight Douala - Nairobi. As a result of this tragedy 114 persons were lost: 105 passengers and nine crewmen.

on January, 1st " the Boeing - 737 - 400 " private Indonesian airline " Edam Ejr " has broken in the western part of island Sulawesi. Aboard there were 102 persons: 96 passengers (including 11 children) and six crewmen. All of them were lost.


on September, 29th in Brazil there was an accident of the passenger plane " the Boeing 373 - 800 ". Onboard the liner which was carrying out flight from the Amazonian city of Manaus in Rio - de - Zhanejro W intermediate landing in Brazilia, were 155 persons – 149 passengers and six crewmen.

on August, 22nd flight FV 612 FGUAP " Pulkovo " carrying out flight Anapa – St.-Petersburg, trying to slip over a thunder-storm, has run away and has fallen down in a flat corkscrew. The plane THAT? 154╠ the settlement the Dry Beam nepodaleko from Donetsk has fallen near. Aboard there were 170 persons (160 passengers and 10 crewmen).

on July, 9th at plane Airbus A wreck? 310 airlines S7 Airlines (an airline trade mark " Siberia ") In Irkutsk were lost 124 and 79 persons from 203 passengers and crewmen have suffered.

on May, 3rd at landing at the airport of Adler has suffered accident the airline plane " Armavia " And - 320. Onboard the liner there were 113 persons.


on September, 5th on the Indonesian island Sumatra passenger plane Boeing 737 - 200 has broken. As passes AR, the liner of local airline Mandala Airlines followed flight from Medan to Djakarta. Wreck has occurred after only one minute after soar. The plane has fallen directly for inhabited quarter. As a result of a crash of airplane there was a strong fire. 147 persons &ndash were lost; 112 passengers and five crewmen, and also 30 persons on the earth.

on August, 14th Boeing 737 on which board was 121 persons, has broken in mounts nepodaleko from Athenes. Wreck of an air liner of the first private airline of Cyprus Helios Airways making flight from Larnaka in Athenes and further to Prague, became the largest air crash from when - or happening in Greece. Depressurization of a cabin of the plane because of the engineers of the company who have switched off autohermetic sealing of salon became the reason. The crew has fainted, and the plane ran uphill after fuel has ended.

on February, 3rd in Afghanistan has broken Boeing - 737 Afghani airlines. 96 passengers and eight crewmen were lost.


on August, 24th practically simultaneously as a result of operation of the explosives which have been carried by aboard by suicide bombers, have suffered accident and have fallen to the ground That? 154 airlines " Siberia " (46 persons) and That were lost? 134 airlines " Volga - the Aviaexpress train " (44 persons) were lost.

on January, 3rd as a result of falling Boeing - 737 to Red sea in Egypt all were lost were onboard 148 persons. The plane belonged to one of private airlines and made flight Charm - the Ale - the Sheikh - Cairo - Paris.


on December, 25th in Benin has fallen Boeing - 727 one of charter airlines. Onboard there were 161 persons, 138 persons were lost. Wreck has occurred from - for congestion of the liner.

on July, 8th in Sudan has broken Boeing - 737 Sudanese airlines. The plane has fallen right after soar and has lighted up. Onboard the liner there were 116 passengers, only the two-year child by miracle has survived.

on March, 6th in Algeria was wrecked Boeing - 737 Algerian airlines. At soar one of engines has lighted up. The plane has fallen in 600 m from airdrome. Onboard there were 103 persons, one has survived only.

on February, 19th in a hilly terrain on jugo - the east of Iran there was a wreck Iranian military - the transport plane " Silt? 76 ". The plane made internal flight from the city of Zahedan in the east of the country to Kerman. 275 persons were lost.


on May, 25th plane Boeing - 747 airlines ˝hina Airlines W 225 passengers has onboard fallen in the sea during flight from Taiwan to Hong Kong.

on May, 7th plane MD - 82 airlines ˝hina Northern has fallen in the sea near the city of Dalian on severo? The east of China. 112 passengers were lost all.

on April, 15th plane Boeing - 767 airlines Air ˝hina, flying of Beijing to Pusan, ran uphill. From 166 were onboard people in live remains 38.

on May, 4th there was plane Bas wreck - 1 - 11 - 500 Nigerian airlines EAS in vicinities of a city of Kano in the north of the country. 148 persons were lost.

on February, 12th " They be 154 " airlines Iran Air Tours, flying from Teheran in Horamabad, was wrecked near destination. 119 persons onboard were lost all.


on November, 12th in three minutes after soar from nju - jorkskogo the airport of a name of John Kennedy the plane " has lighted up in air; And - 300 " airlines Amerisan Airlines. The plane has fallen to apartment houses in area Queens in Nju? York. On its board there were 246 passengers and nine crewmen.

on September, 11th in the USA the passenger plane the Boeing - 767 companies Amerisan Airlines, carrying out flight from Boston in Los - Anzheles, has been grasped by terrorists and ran into Northern tower of the World shopping centre in New York. Onboard there was 81 passenger, nine stewards and two pilots. In some minutes after that the passenger plane of company United Airlines flying from Boston in Los runs into the Southern tower of the World shopping centre in New York - Anzheles, and too grasped by terrorists. Onboard there were 65 persons. After a while both towers have failed, under their fragments were lost about 3 thousand persons. Soon after acts of terrorism in New York a passenger air liner the Boeing - 757 companies Amerisan Airlines, following of Washington in Los - Anzheles, too has been stolen by terrorists and has rammed a building of the Pentagon nearby to Washington. 189 persons were lost: 125 employees and 64 passenger and the crewman. This day one more plane has been stolen by terrorists, but, without having reached Washington, has broken in the State of Pennsylvania. 44 persons were lost.

on July, 3rd at landing approach in the Irkutsk airport has had an accident That? 154 airlines " Vladivostok Abijah " making flight on a route Ekaterinburg - Irkutsk - Vladivostok. 145 persons were lost.


on August, 23rd company Gulf Air plane Airbus has fallen in the sea on approach 2 Bahrain. 143 persons who were on its board were lost all.

on July, 25th there was the largest accident of the supersonic plane. The liner " the Concorde " the companies " Ayr France " in three minutes after soar from the Parisian airport " SHarl de Gaulle " has failed on the earth. All were lost were onboard 109 persons. Among victims of accident 2 four persons who were in hostel " Otelissimo " on which has failed " the Concorde ".

on April, 19th " the Boeing - 737 " airlines Air Philippines, making flight from Manila in Davao, has fallen at landing approach. 131 persons who were on its board were lost all.

on January, 30th the plane " And - 310 " airlines Kenya Airways, flying to Lagos (Nigeria) has fallen to Atlantic ocean soon after soar at the airport of Abidjan (the Cat d Ivuar). 179 persons were lost, 10 have survived.


on October, 31st " the Boeing - 767 " airlines EgyptAir, flying to Cairo, has fallen to Atlantic ocean after soar at John Kennedy`s airport in Nju? York. 217 persons who were on its board were lost all.