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the Mayor of Rome has dismissed the city government

Rome, 10 janv - News, Natalia Shmakov. the Mayor of Rome Dzhanni Alemanno has on Monday evening signed the order ABT dissolution of capital Dzhunty (the city government of Rome), new asessory and advisers should be appointed till January, 13th, has informed a press - the secretary of town governor Simone Turbolente (Simone Turbolente).

As they say in the statement of Alemanno, the first stage of reform of a municipal government has come to the end.

Now, according to the mayor, it is necessary to achieve that new heads in capital administration have started to give more ATTN to quality of life of townspeople.

Local observers believe that dissolution of the Roman government became continuation of the scandal which has flashed in the end of the past year connected with purpose for fasts of heads of the city municipal companies of relatives and friends of some members dzhunty.