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the Ministry of Agriculture of Czechia has not found dioxine traces in the pork brought from Germany

Warsaw, 11 janv - News, Leonid Sviridov. the checks of pork imported from Germany Spent by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture have shown absence of dioxine, informs on Tuesday the Czech radio.

In the beginning of January in Germany has inflamed " dioksinovyj scandal " - it was found out that dioxine which calls variety of serious diseases, among which education of malignant tumours, mental frustration and immunity decrease has got to mixed fodder 4 pigs and a bird. The head of the Czech Agrarian chamber has urged to forbid import of the foodstuffs from Germany before the investigation termination.

is more detailed ABT influence dioksinov on a human body > >

" Control of foodstuff will be continued " - Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa has told to journalists.

He has added that is necessary to change EU legislation, " that on packings the country - the manufacturer that it has not been anonymously written Made in EU has been designated, and the concrete country " has been specified;.

" ANY1 has the right to know, from what part of Europe this product has been brought. We will look, a leah will support the majority of ministers of the European Union this idea " - Fuksa has told.

the Authorities of Germany have forbidden more than 4,7 thousand agricultural enterprises trade from - for fears that eggs made on them and meat can be infected by dioxine. There are data that eggs potentially infected with dioxine from Germany have been put to Holland and Great Britain. In connection with " dioksinovym scandal " in Great Britain from sale have started to withdraw the products made W use of German eggs. Slovakia has refused to import from Germany eggs and meat of hens, and South Korea - pork.

According to mass-media, experts have revealed in fowl of one of economy in Germany excess of the maintenance of dioxine in 2,5 times. In particular, in the taken tests of meat of a chicken was обнаружeно 4,99 pikogramma dioxine instead of admissible 2 pikogrammov.