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People with excess weight perish in road accident in one and a half time more often

Probability to be lost in serious road accident at people with excess weight in one and a half time above (for 56 percent it is more), than at drivers of a normal constitution. To such conclusion as informs edition Medical News Today, scientists from School of medicine and medical and biologic sciences in Buffalo and the Medical centre in a city of Erie, the State of Pennsylvania, the USA came.
the traumas received in car accidents, depend on a number of biomechanical factors, including the speedup arising during sharp slowdown of the car at blow, efficiency of operation of seat belts and airbags, type of a vehicle and its weight, and also how there was a blow. However what effect on weight of grasses renders weight of a body of the person earlier was never taken into consideration by the organisations spending krash-tests.
now at krash-tests the dummies simulating the person of normal weight are used. We recommend to motor-car manufacturers to use by working out of cars dummies of people with excess weight, and also to take it into consideration at design of interiors. It allows to raise safety of the corpulent people which number reaches thirds of all inhabitants of the USA , - is told in probe of scientists.
as it was informed earlier, growth of number of Americans with excess weight led to increase in demand at the big cars - pickups and off-road cars. During the period with 2007 for 2009 the quantity of inhabitants of the USA, suffering adiposity, grew on 2,4 million person, and in some states their number reached thirty percent from all population. Thus with increase in number of stout persons, sales of the big cars grow in America also. And if 40 years ago on them 16 percent of the realised cars by 2009 this indicator increased to 40 percent were necessary.