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By the American policeman allowed to measure speed “approximately“

The Supreme court of American state Ohio decided that the policeman electronic devices to define excess of speed are not required. According to the judge, road inspectors have necessary preparation to see “approximately“ infringement of a high-speed mode by drivers, writes The Columbus Dispatch.
To such conclusion the court came, considering the case got on 27-year-old American Mark Dzhenni. As established a consequence, it moved on road of the State of Ohio with excess of speed. It was noticed by one of the policemen patrolling road. It remembered number of the car and decided to write out the penalty to the motorist.
the driver disagreed with “unfounded“ charge of the policeman. In its opinion and opinion of its lawyer, it is necessary to put visual acknowledgement of excess of Dzhenni of speed to business.
the Court of the first instance and the ninth district appeal court recognised the driver guilty, however the eighth district appeal court disagreed with such decision, referred to absence of visual proofs.
studying business materials, the judge of the Supreme court of Ohio sided with the policeman, deciding that it has enough experience and abilities to define speed without devices.