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The Supreme court refused to the homeless right to drive the cars

The Supreme court of Russia refused to citizen Maxim Mazinu satisfaction of the claim about change of rules of statement of cars on the account in traffic police. Mazin demanded to cancel the point, forbidding to register cars to the persons who do not have an official residence, informs “Time of News“.
Maxim Mazin arrived recently to the city of Dzerzhinsk situated near Moscow from seaside Blagoveshchensk where it has been registered. Before moving it left the old apartment, however in Dzerzhinsk and was not registered. Nevertheless, Maxim received the drivers licence and decided to get the car. During this moment it found out what to buy the car the law to it does not forbid, however to receive on car serial numbers and to use it without a residence permit or check in it cannot.
Maxim Mazin addressed in the Supreme court with the statement for change of rules of statement of cars on the account. In court Mazin declared that the given rule breaks its constitutional laws, in particular the right to freedom of conveyance and the right to use the property that is why should be immediately cancelled.
the representatives of the traffic police who also have taken part in judicial session, put the arguments in favour of preservation of existing rules. As they said, the car is means of the raised danger, that is why the car inspection should know where to search for the originator of failure if that disappears from a scene of crime.
Besides, employees of traffic police remembered that in case of war all citizens should give the cars for needs of defence and where in such situation to search for the person without check in not clearly. Developing a theme, the car inspection specified in that fact that, without having check in, Mazin disappears from tax police and a military registration and enlistment office.
as a result, the Supreme court sided with traffic police and Mazinu refused. However not registered inhabitant of Dzerzhinsk intends and to defend the rights further. He noticed that now submits to the Supreme court the repeated claim.