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The Supreme court recognised evacuation of cars lawful

The Supreme court of the Russian Federation confirmed legality of evacuation of cars, refusing satisfaction of the complaint of the professor Sankt - Petersburg RGPU Herzens name and the party member Alexander Kobrinskys “Apple“ in which that asked to recognise as illegal “Corrected vehicle detention“, Russia confirmed by the governmental order from December, 18th, 2003. About it “Interfax“ reports.
According to Korbinsky, these rules contradict the Code about administrative offences in which article 1219 “directly forbids vehicle evacuation, and also its deduction on parking“. However in the document confirmed by the government of Russia, evacuation has been replaced with “conveyance“ and then fixed legislatively.
During judicial session representatives the governments acting in a role of respondents, specified that “as evacuation of a vehicle the jurisprudence does not know such concept“, and the concept “conveyance“ is defined at legislative level. The court agreed with arguments of respondents and refused satisfaction of the complaint.
Korbinsky, in turn, declared that prepares to appeal against against this decision in Cassation board of the Supreme court.