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The Supreme court of the Russian Federation cancelled intoxication of drivers “unstated substance“

The Supreme court of the Russian Federation the decision cancelled two points in “Instructions on physical examination carrying out on a drunken state of the person which steers a vehicle“ on which base doctors could recognise the driver drunk even in the event that in its blood the substances calling intoxication have not been found out. The corresponding document has been published by “the Russian newspaper“ on Wednesday, and in action this document came into force backdating - since October, 28th.
up until that time the doctors who have spent physical examination of drivers, could take out the conclusion about “intoxication unstated substance“ in the event that the carried out tests did not give positive results, but the driver thus has clinical signs of intoxication - a smell of alcohol from a mouth, instability of a pose, speech infringement, sharp change of colouring of integuments of the person, the behaviour which is not meeting situation. Now to recognise the driver drunk only on the basis of clinical signs it does not turn out - the court considered that if the substances calling intoxication it is not revealed, and to consider the driver drunk it is impossible.
However Minzdravsotsrazvitija of the Russian Federation already prepares a new variant of the instruction in which points about “intoxication unstated substance“ will be absent. Than them replace - it is not known yet.