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Vitaly Petrov acts in “Formule-1“ on credit

Vitaly Petrov acts in “Formule-1“ thanks to the credit received by his father on the security of the property. On this informed the manager of the racer, Oksana Kosachenko. As she said, to assemble the sum necessary for performance, the father of the racer had to put not only real estate, but also “in general all property“.
the Manager of the pilot denied arriving before the message that support to the pilot ostensibly was rendered by companies “Gazproms“ and “Savings Bank“. “In Russia for today to find support for the racer of“ Formuly-1 “it is almost impossible, - Oksana Kosachenko complained. - Though all over the world it is very popular mode of advertising. Not a secret that Michael Schumacher by means of such contracts brings to a command about 30 million dollars. Interesting, Schumacher at least could find one sponsor in Russia?“
According to Kosachenko, for Petrovs performance in 2010 it was necessary to find in Renault team F1 “the little less than 10 millions dollars“. However drive of 50 percent of the rights to the racer to a French team became one of usloviev agreements. To redeem the rights to Petrov and to save its present national status, much more considerable means are necessary.
“if to pass the racer to a Renault team additional means are not necessary for us, - told the manager. - however in this case it replaces citizenship, and becomes the French racer. We want to save its Russian status, and for this purpose absolutely other money - 15-20 million dollars“ is necessary to us.
to find means for payment of the credit and preservation of the Russian citizenship of Petrov, in management of the pilot count on support of the government of Russia.“ I already addressed with the letter concerning support to prime minister Vladimir Putin, - Oksana Kosachenko told, - however received only the formal formal reply that search of means - business of managers of the pilot “.
However this time with the request to support the first Russian racer of“Formuly-1“to the chairman of the government of Russia Anton Siharulidze, and the head of Department of safety of traffic of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Victor Kiryanov addressed the head of committee of the State Duma of physical training and sports.
“ we very much hope for the help of the government, - Oksana Kosachenko told. - After all at us support football, support the Olympic games. And according to calculations of experts in marketing, efficiency of advertising investments in “Formulu-1“ ten times above, than in the Olympic Games. And eventually, business not only in advertising - participation of Russia in races of “Formuly-1“ is a prestige question. We hope that Petrov becomes the national project of our country “.
Oksana Kosachenko also noticed that the contract from Renault - the best variant for continuation of career of Vitaly. “We considered offers of several commands, but Renault F1 - certainly best of them, - noted the manager. Is a second command of the World championship on the sizes of the budget, and performances in it open before Petrov excellent prospects“.
At the same time the manager of the racer asserts that does not count on supersuccessful performance of the Russian in its first year in the World championship. “Year will be difficult, - Kosachenko told. - Vitaly never acted at such level earlier. It sits down for the first time for a wheel of a race car of“Formuly-1“on Wednesday, on February, 3rd, and its workmate Robert Kubitsa - very skilled and fast racer. Thus 30 percent of lines of the championship are unknown to Petrov“.
However, the manager marks, changes wait also a Renault team. In inter-season period the large share holding of a command has been sold companies Genii Capital, the stable was headed by Eric Bule.“ After all changes in this winter, in Renault F1 the new three-year plan for development operates, - confirms Kosachenko. - According to this plan, the command spends this season for reorganisation, in the following plans to be overcome for victories at separate stages, and in 2012 intends to win a title. In our interests that by Peters this moment remained the racer of Renault “.
Vitaly Petrov was born in 1984 in Vyborg. In 17 years was engaged in rally-cross-country, in 2001-2002 became the winner of the Russian rally-sprint and“Cup-Lada“. Since 2003 of the beginnings of performance at the wheel race cars of“Formuly-Renault“. In 2006 debuted in series GP2, since 2007 acted in this series for command Campos. Vitaly finished a season of 2009 on the second place, conceding only to German Niko Hjulkenbergu in which career Michael Schumachers manager is engaged.