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Bruno Senna replaces a command

The vice-champion of series GP2 of 2008 Bruno Senna can start in a season of 2010 of “Formuly-1“ at the wheel cars Toro Rosso, despite the signed contract with Campos, informs Italian Corriere dello Sport. Such decision can be accepted in connection with heavy financial position Campos.
According to the Italian edition, it explains, why Toro Rosso till now did not confirm the transaction with the second pilot of a command of Hajme Algersuari though the Spaniard asserts that the contract has been signed in November.
Referring to the Brazilian sources, the newspaper asserts that command Toro Rosso which belongs to concern Red Bull, has the right to sign the contract with Senna in case at Campos there will be difficulties. On the other hand, and Adrian Kampos is interested in such transaction.
inviting in Bruno Sennas team, the nephew legendary Ayrton Senna, in Campos hoped that the loud name involves in a command sposorov. First of all, marks the Italian edition, it was a question of company Telmex. However last week it became known that the contract with Telmex will not be signed.
into place in a Spanish team Russian Vitaly Petrov, and the Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado, having solid sponsors support apply, and cancellation of the contract with Senna would allow to plant for a wheel of cars of both racers. Besides, as informs, the champion of “Formuly-2“ Andy Souchek in radio station EFE interview confirmed that also carries on negotiations with Campos.
At the same time Spanish Diario AS asserts that the agreement between Campos and the former head of gone bankrupt series A1GP Tony Tejshejroj about sale of a large share holding of a command will be signed within several hours. The transaction brings to a command of 3-4 million euro, and partially solves its financial problems.