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The offended owner of off-road car Range Rover suited an anti-advertising to the dealer

The owner of off-road car Range Rover Sport HSE decided suit an anti-advertising to a motor-car manufacturer, parking opposite to dealer centre Range Rover in Great Britain the car which has been pasted over by inscriptions with transfer of all breakages which have happened with it during operation. Besides, on off-road car doors the phrase also has been placed:“ If you want the problemless car do not buy any of these “. The Daily Telegraph newspaper informs On it.
judging by inscriptions by the car, for 42 thousand kilometres of run the car had“ problems with six front spherical joints, four front barrels of a suspender, seats, lobbies and rear quarter pillars, sajlent-blocks and the air conditioner “.
According to representatives of dealer interior, the car is parked on a public road, therefore they have no right to move the car. The manager expressed a regret to the buyer of the car, declaring that, most likely,“ the unsuccessful copy “got to it. He also noticed that all works on repair of the listed failures have been executed according to guarantee certificates.
To Russia, in the end of the last year known bloger and the owner of design studio Artemy Lebedev went on the off-road car Range Rover to long travel across Russia, however at its car engine fastening that led to motor failure three times broke. As a result, the car within several months was under repair at service station in Krasnoyarsk.